About Us

scottish-radical-herbal-network-fistWho Are We?

The Scottish Radical Herbal Network is a Scotland-wide collective made up of herbalists and health activists working towards a society and healthcare system based on principles of fairness, justice and environmental responsibility.  Through our collaboration we are building a community to take action on issues of health, ecological herbal medicine, and the social injustices that support a system of ill health.

What Do We Do?

We formed in the summer of 2015, and in September 2016 organised Scotland’s first ever Radical Herbal Gathering at Tombreck Farm, Perthshire bringing together activists & herbalists to build a movement around radical health, social justice & herbalism in Scotland.

As a network we are involved in a range of projects from practical and clinical herbal medicine, growing and selling local herbs, providing free clinics to refugees and asylum seekers to working on wider issues around health, the environment and social inequalities. You can find out more about these on our Network page, as well as add your own projects and resources to the library.

The first Gathering was a great success, and we aim to hold national gatherings in the future, as well as smaller regional events. In 2017, look out for smaller events in Edinburgh & Glasgow.

Interested in setting up a Scottish Radical Herbal Network group in your area? Get in touch!

What Do We Stand For?

Our Aims:

  1. Collaborate: we aim to build a community sharing resources and perspectives through mutual aid
  2. Empower/Create: we aim to develop links with health and social struggles through accessible community education and engagement in radical health care
  3. Act: we aim to take collective action and environmental, social and health injustices created by a system that perpetuates ill health

Our Values:

Solidarity & Mutual Aid: we value standing in solidarity with each other and actively participating in mutual aid for collective gain. We recognise that we are stronger together and can learn from each others’ struggles.

Collective Empowerment: we value finding and sharing skills so as to free ourselves from dependency on the hierarchies of accepted knowledge and power and to create community wellbeing. We believe that knowledge and collective action are liberating. Everyone is a teacher; everyone is a student.

Celebration: we value humour, joy and having fun. We want to create spaces where celebration is a priority. When empowered people engage in positive organising it is cause for celebration. Through this we look to build optimism within our communities.

Autonomy: we value a diversity of approaches, people and places. We encourage and respect autonomy in our decision making and action.

Interconnection & Responsibility: we value our land and history, acknowledging that our health is intrinsically related to the health of the land, air water, and each other. We take seriously our responsibility to the land, and to each other, in maintaining our communities’ health and wellbeing.

Resistance: we value collective action, and recognise and struggle against the inequalities, prejudices and profit motive which causes widespread environmental destruction and holds us in a system of ill health. We aim to create communities of resistance to find real well being through challenging both existing power structures and our own, personal approaches to health.