A Spring tonic

take a cup or small mug, china is best or handmade pottery
add half a teaspoon of honey – Scottish heather honey is the equivalent or better goodness to Manuka and local
add 3-4 very small pieces of crushed chilli, dry is good for this, fresh if available. Morrisons sell dried crushed chilli in their herbal range.
nearly boil enough water to fill
run into your garden and bless a clean unpolluted nettle plant and ask it for cooperation before picking 3 – 4 fresh young leaves – if you pick them from underneath they won’t sting you, if they do it is good for you anyway!
quickly back inside add the leaves to the cup and cover with hot water, stir, you may want to add a drop of cold water if you need to drink quickly.
You can consumme all that is in this cup, nettles and chilli.
Welcome all this goodness into your body and feel it working its way around your systems

Science – nettles are one of the best tonics and at this time of year fresh and vigourous, excellent at the first signs of a snuffle. Honey – need I say anything, all round yummy goodness. Chilli is a fantastic heart balancer both physical, emotional and energetic, its heat is balanced by the sweetness of the honey, any circulatory issues should start with some chilli so that any underlying issue can then be revealed and approached.

Kick back and watch your garden grow – whatever size it may be from plant pot to acres…..ENJOY!

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