Crowdfunder for Herbal Unity in Glasgow – please donate if you can!

Dear Friends & Supporters of the Scottish Radical Herbal Network,

If you are financially able, please consider donating to the Herbal Unity Project in Glasgow:

The Herbal Unity Collective was set up in Glasgow over a year ago in response to the lack of solidarity and practical support to provide health care to people without immigration papers in Glasgow. Our collective is volunteer run and comprised of medical herbalists, massage therapists, grass roots activists, migrants and people who have been through or are in the asylum system. We work in solidarity with The Unity Centre in Glasgow by offering holistic healthcare support to those who need it. We are also involved with the Radical Herbal Gathering– a network both in England and Scotland. We aim to create sustainable resilient community healthcare through herbal medicine, massage, gardening, foraging and skills sharing.

We believe that healthcare is a right and should be freely accessible to all people. We aim to empower people with knowledge and skills based on the root issues of health: physical, emotional, social, political and environmental. We have an anti-oppressive approach to healthcare provision and actively challenge the ‘patient doctor paradigm’.

This year the Herbal Unity project are going to set up a medicine garden outside of the Glasgow Autonomous Space where folk can grow medicinal plants together and process them for use in the clinic.


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