Elderberry Brandy Syrup

A tasty (alcoholic) remedy for colds, packed with vitamin C. Elderberries are on the trees around September time.

You will need:

  • A large bowl of fresh elderberries (something like 20 heads)
  • 70ml bottle of brandy
  • Small jar of runny honey
  • Large jar


  1. Wash the elderberries and remove all berries from their stalks.
  2. Fill your jar with berries.
  3. Pour over the honey.
  4. Fill jar to brim with brandy.
  5. Leave your jar in a dark place for six weeks, shaking every day.
  6. After six weeks, strain the brandy off the berries – you can use these as a topping for pudding or ice cream, yum – and bottle up your syrup.

That’s it! Keep in the fridge and take a few spoonfuls before bed when you feel a cold coming on.

Note: This is obviously very alcoholic, so use with care!

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