Fermented beetroot juice

This is a recipe of Fermented Beetroot Juice!!! Full with good bacteria for our digestive system and it is a great superfood for immunology system:

1. sterilize big glass/clay jar

2. boil water and let it cool a bit. Add one Himalayan salt (tablespoon for 1liter of water) and and stir it with sterilized spoon

3. peeled, washed organic beetroot cut into small cubes. Prepare also peeled cloves of garlic (I put about 4/6 cloves)

4. Fill 1/3 of jar with garlic cloves and beetroot cubes. Optional add some bay leaves (recommended 🙂 ) and pour still quite warm salty water to the top.

5. put on the to muslin/cotton cloth and put it in a warm place, like kitchen

6. stir your juice every day for 5/7 day with sterilized wooden spoon. (I keep mine for 7 days.)

7. Take froth from the top every day before stiring

8. after 5/7 days pour your juice into the bottle and keep it in the fridge even for a month

9. Left fermented beetroot use it for the salad example with seaweed mmmm


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