Programme and Workshops 2019

Programme of the Weekend (TBC):

Workshops Blurbs

  • People of Colour (PoC) and the Land

An open space to consider our relationship to land, rural and urban spaces and to reflect and begin to decolonise our thinking around this. The session space will be held by Raman Mundair – writer/artist/activist – who is interested in and has written about these issues. The hope is to come together, reframe, re-examine and gather questions, thoughts and processes on this urgent situation. Perspectives to consider: PoC and housing co-operatives PoC and rural Scotland/UK PoC and the gentrification of their neighbourhoods Poc & No Borders. This space is open to PoC and allies. Priority will be given to PoC voices and perspectives.


  • In Our Hands – Self and Collective Care through Bodywork

Building on a series of sessions between Radical Bodywork Network and Ubuntu Women Shelter, we’d like to hold a space to share some tools for grounded embodiment, deep rest and connection. In this session we will share some techniques for tuning in and connecting to the breath and the body. We will also practice exchanging some simple head, neck and shoulder massage through clothing. Open to all.


  • Building Communities: Challenges and Successes
    With the story of community land takeover at Bridgend Farmhouse, Edinburgh#

A session to reflect together on the challenges and successes of building and sustaining a community. As well as hearing the story of the Bridgend Community Farmhouse project as they enter their 10th year, this session will be a chance to reflect on the communities that you are a part of.

  • Kitchen Medicine

A discussion & practical session with Grass Roots Remedies co-operative to share knowledge around the medicinal properties of ingredients commonly found in the kitchen. We will be making ‘Fire Cider’ together – a herbal infused vinegar to keep winter colds away, with each person taking a remedy home. We will be asking for a small contribution to cover costs of ingredients (around £1). Kids welcome if accompanied by an adult.

  • Bioregional Tea Tasting & Zine Making

During this workshop we will take part in the latest herbal research! We will taste some common, native herbs as teas, and write down or draw what we would use them for. We will then collate this information into a zine, that will be part of a larger project about native herbs that will take place next year. All materials will be provided, and no previous experience of herbal medicine is needed.

If you cannot make this workshop there will be an ongoing zine stall over the weekend where you can add your thoughts on collective care. These will then be made into a Rad Herb zine. Unfortunately we don’t have copying facilities at this event, but it will be made available at

future events. The workshop will be facilitated by simone melanie, a herbalist and gardener living and working in Scotland, who loves using local plants for healing, and making zines about how people can do this.

  • Little Larches and Friends Kids Space

Wee Larches and friends will be co-ordinating the kids space from 11am
till 4pm. So drop in and join in the fun with a number of paper based
activities – from leaf collage, origami and mobile constructing to
stickering, badgemaking and paper-making from recycled and organic
materials! All ages welcome.

Wee Larches – vegan childminder – is a registered childcare provider
based in Shawlands that seeks to challenge gender stereotypes and
offers a holistic nature based approach to working with children 18
months and over.
Wee Larches and friends is a first time collaboration between
childcare workers Rebecca Livesey-Wright, Ella Ewing and Euan


  • Reflecting on light – Raman Mundair

a sound blessing
lighting of candles
a coming together as community
acknowledging the passing of seasons, the nights drawing in, to mark Samhuinn and Diwali and in anticipation of Winter Solstice
in the presence of the light and hope we offer each other.


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