Scottish Radical Herbal Network’s Wee Funding Pot

We have some money (currently £3750) that we would like to distribute to other groups in Scotland. We have applied for money to redistribute from the Seedbed Trust and decided that we didn’t want to sit on money that we didn’t have definite plans for so have decided to share it out. We particularly want to reach out to grassroots/unfunded groups/those that might find other funding sources difficult to get.

There is a short application form to fill in (up to one side of A4), telling us who you are, what you’d like the money for and how this fits into our aims and values. If this is something you’d like help with or if this way of applying doesn’t work for you, please contact us on the details below and we’ll be happy to help.

This is the first time we have done this process and have deliberately left the criteria very open and broad to see what requests come in. We’d also like to take your input on board when deciding so please tell us if there are groups that we should invite to apply, and any groups, projects or causes that you think we should prioritise supporting.

We will collect applications and then discuss each proposal with reference to our aims, values and themes to decide who we will give money to and how much.

We would not like you to write any funding report, we’d like to support your autonomy to use it as you see fit but are happy for you to let us know how the process has been for you…

We will be discussing the first round of applications in the week of the 18th February and will get back to anyone who has applied shortly after. If there is money left we will have a rolling deadline after that.

Send your application, and any queries to us at: If a phone call or meet-up in person would be better, please contact us initially via the email and we will arrange that.

Please click below to access our funding form:

SRHN Funding Application Form

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