Support the Anti-Fracking Herbal Caravan Today!

Solidarity Needed! Help get the Anti-Fracking Herbal Caravan to Kirby Protection Camp

Many of you will have worked in the Herbal 1st Aid caravan and many more will have benefited from the expert advice and herbal remedies given by a dedicated and passionate group of experienced herbalists at various festivals and events.

She has been resting and providing consulting space for a Devon herbalist for a while……but now she is called back into action to help on the front line in the campaign to stop Fracking in its tracks.

With winter approaching she is needed up at Kirby Misperton Protection Camp in Ryedale, Yorkshire. She will provide a space for a small team of herbalists to give fully qualified 1st Aid and supportive Herbal Medicine to look after the health and welfare of the brave and committed people who are living at the camp, or visiting every day and in all weathers. The camp exists to prevent

The money will pay the fuel costs to get her from Devon to Yorkshire, approximately £150 with the rest to be spent on herbal and first aid supplies.

Please give what you can and know that it is helping to protect our environment from the massive threat of Fracking and looking after the brave souls who are out there for the duration.

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