Wild Foraged Kimchi

A quick post about Kimchi – I’d never made this before, my South-Korean-loving little brother has a birthday on Wednesday and I wanted to make him something, so why not both pungent and explosive?

After a good trawl of the internet, I found this amazing recipe on www.thekitchn.com – it really is simple and seems idiot-proof.

Wild foraged kimchi

My Variation: I used seaweed flakes, making it vegetarian and have to confess to not finding any Korean red pepper flakes – smoked paprika substituted well. Instead of Korean radish, spring onions and garlic, I used some foraged onion-y, mustard-y alternatives: Ramsons and Few-Flowered Leek as Alliums; Garlic Mustard and the last of the Lady’s Smock as Brassicas.

The Result: fizzy, spicy and certainly tasty, this went down a treat at a family picnic. For reasons of marital harmony, brother is keeping the leftovers in the shed until he gets a chance to cook some bibimbap later in the week.

Shared by Catriona Gibson, White Cat Herbal.

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